Past Life regression

Past Life Regression is an area of therapy that has been coming up alot for me in my work with helping clients deal with issues continuously coming up in their lives. Whether or not you agree that reincarnation is possible, there are definite memories that come out of sessions with clients that go directly into a past life. If you choose to not believe in past life/reincarnation then hypnotherapists usually will call the remembered events a metaphor, as it always pertains to issues and solutions in this life and is easily understood by the client, especially when it fixes their problem. Many people believe we are experiencing all lives simultaneously..and thats fine to…it still helps greatly in this life when you get to the root of the problem.

Clients will describe the time period, place, surroundings and events in detail of a past life ..many times in changed gender and most always remembering their name and purpose of last life. Many phobias and fears/traumas come from past lives as well, causing clients to be perplexed as to why they are having the problems they do in this one.

Using my own regressions as an example I recently wanted to explore why I felt claustrophobic when a man would try to get close to me. Many times I would date someone a few times and begin to feel like I needed to bolt and literally would feel like hands were closing around my neck. After asking the question in hypnosis it immediately took me to a past life where I was very vividly feeling and seeing what was happening around me. I was in an earlier time period (1700’s was what came to me) and I was from a very poor family. I could see my surroundings as well as feel everything as if it was happening for real in that moment. I saw myself alone alot of the time and shunned because of my social status, and saw myself begging on the streets for what I needed. Nearing my 20’s was when I had a horrible encounter with a man who had somehow maneuvered me into a secluded part of the street and had then attacked me and eventually killed me. I remembered it vividly as he was holding me down and strangling me with his bare hands, hence bringing trust issues and that feeling of being choked when a man would try to get close to me into this life.

In these past life sessions you can’t really reframe what has happened but you can use a technique called soul screening, to filter out the negatives from that life and leave them behind for good. I found this to be helpful in my situation and have noticed great results from clients who have had soul screening techniques used on them.

Another example is from exploring a fun past life…it wasnt extremely eventful but definately full of happiness and love and it was amazing as I had went to the moment of giving birth to a child in that lifetime and could feel my skin stretched, and the movements of giving birth along with the pains associated with it and the joy and happiness afterwards. The feelings were amazing to experience as in this lifetime I have never given birth, which made me curious as to where did these feelings come from if it’s not a past life?

These experiences alone made me a believer in past life therapies and I’ve found that so many clients are surprised and astonished when their therapy sessions end up in the past. Usually even the ones that may not believe in reincarnation are very happy with the outcome of the sessions and finally accept that it can be possible to carry things with us throughout lives.

Many people are curious to explore their past lives for fun or try to see how they know people from this life in the past whether it be your mother, spouse or child. Past lives can also be a reminder of what you’ve gone through and builds character as time goes on. Many books are now available on this subject and many many cases and  documented accounts are available of how looking into the past can heal your future.


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