Is the Key to Life Fulfillment in Inner Child Healing and Soul Retrieval?

shutterstock_6094979751127681090.jpgWith 2017 almost over I thought I would share something helpful to think about integrating for the new year coming. Most of the clients I’ve been seeing are coming  to me with the same or similar issues. They are generally unhappy and it seems that they try everything to BE happy, but it’s not quite there. They have the nice cars, the house, the family, money etc. but something is still missing.  Through most of the work done in hypnosis regardless of the reason why they come to see me, the answers seem to go back to the formative years where problems originated or a sense of self has been lost. I’ve found going back and really exploring those years and trying to remember who you really are at a soul level can change things drastically in your life today.

For example when growing up parents tend to “program” their children to who they think  they should be or act with certain beliefs, and this can cause a disconnect as the child knows what they want and how they want to be at a soul level when being born, but are usually pressured to change in some way, either by parents or outside situations that are detrimental to the child’s development or soul. The more times this happens the further away you get from your true self, and then you can easily feel lost in life as you have separated from your true spirit. It ends up putting you in a very small box in which to live out of, and can cause a stunt in spiritual growth and passion for living.

The key is to stop looking outside of yourself for answers as the next new car or new relationship or high earning job will not fill that empty void for you, only filling the void within yourself will get you there. Changing your inner world to be aligned with your heart and soul can bring dramatic changes in a very short period of time. Some of the ways you can do this are through hypnosis and exploring the early years, as well as doing soul retrieval exercises. I’ve found people really get  profound results from connecting with their inner child and it’s something that can be worked on daily without anyone’s help as well. Some of the things I can recommend:

  1. Meditate on your own for a few min each day and set the intention to connect with your inner child, hug them and tell them you love them unconditionally and will always be there for them and let them shine out through you in your daily living. Try and visualize things you liked to do or enjoyed as a child with excitement and creativity. I find bringing out creative aspects from youth are a great way to reconnect with your inner child and if you can’t come up with anything try coloring! It’s no wonder adult coloring books are so popular these days…
  2. Incorporate some of the above into your daily living and viewing the world, life does not always have to be so serious every minute, giving some time to your inner child will bring joy into your life, it’s just like spending time with small children, everyone enjoys being around small children because it reminds them of the child inside themselves!
  3. Make a journal or small flip book to keep by your bedside. Put together pictures from childhood, or write of memories you have of your early years. If your parents are still around you can ask them what you were really like if you have a hard time remembering, and if not meditation or exploring through hypnosis works great as well. Look at this book every night or often to try to connect even more to that little person.
  4. A book I read a few years ago that really helped myself undrstand all of this and I highly recommend is Reconcilliation – healing the inner child by Thich Nhat Hanh

Another part of losing ourselves is also known as Soul Loss, which is similar if not the same as inner child work but can happen through traumatic events or stressful times in a person’s life and can happen throughout adult years. This is when an event or experience happens like abuse, sudden shock, grief or pain and fear making you feel helpless, being told as a child not to express emotion, entering a relationship without boundaries or a strong sense of self (resulting in losing your personal power). Soul Loss happens initially to protect you like loss of memory, or dissociation from an event, but it will leave you feeling less than whole and can cause anxiety, depression, and an emptiness inside. Revisiting and healing these parts of yourself and integrating these lost or split off parts of yourself will make you feel more grounded, provide a sense of wholeness or  of feeling complete, (Jerry Maguire (the movie) did no one any favors by making people believe other people complete them – only YOU complete YOURSELF) and can bring about a  sense of purpose and passion in life. Soul Retrival can be done through shamanic work as well as hypnothrapy & Soul Retrival sessions.

In closing the more you look inside yourself for answers and healing, the more you will fill in those empty holes or voids you’ve been trying to fill with outside things. When this happens and you feel more complete from a  soul perspective, and this can automatically change the types of people, jobs, and situations that are presented to you as you are no longer operating from a sense of lack, and know yourself on a deeper level – you will be full and complete and will attract the same into your life.

If you have any questions or need help in this area feel free to reach out!

Happy New Year 2017 and I wish you all life fulfillment and happiness for 2018!!

Heather xoxo

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