Learn how hypnotherapy can help you increase motivation towards healthy eating, fitness and weight loss goals!

Take control now!

I have had great success lately helping people stay on track of their exercise and weight loss goals with the use of hypnotherapy. Whether you are looking to lose a little weight or alot, or needing help in making healthy food choices or reaching exercise goals I have many tools to help you get there.

From my own personal perspective as someone who is currently using these tools to help myself lose 20 pounds, I have found that I am drinking alot more water, motivated and excited to go to my fitness class and have been feeling full and satisfied most of the time. I am 5 pounds down within 2 weeks and 15 more to go!

My weight loss sessions include the Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy techniques …which make you think and feel like you have a small stomach. In this situation you will feel full most of the time, and most of all it gets you used to listening to your body and hearing when it’s truly hungry and when you are truly full.

We tend to eat portions that are larger than we actually need and then feel “bad” for leaving food behind. How many times were you told as a child to stay at the table until you finish every bite on your plate? Or there are starving children in the world and you should not waste the food in front of you? Or were taken to a fast food restaurant as a reward or treat. These are all programmed into us at a young age and tend to replay throughout our life unconsciously.

The program I use includes healthy food choices, exercise motivation for 30 min daily and a daily recording to keep you motivated. It also looks at The root cause of where some of these habits started that are holding you back from reaching your goals .

Consultations are free 😁…please view my website for more information on this and many other ways hypnotherapy can help you!

Contact/Like/share this add via Facebook or Instagram by April 10th and be entered to win one of 2 – 6 session packages valued at 675$ each!!

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