How your connection with yourself leads to greater connections with others


I hear from many people wanting more fulfilling connections and experiences in their lives and the reality is sometimes we can be surrounded by people but still feel alone. This can stem from not being in connection with our true self/spirit or soul. When we are not connected to self our outside connections will not be truthful, or solid in nature. How could we connect to others properly if we are not connected to and know ourselves in great detail? I’d like you to ask yourself Who am I ? and answer without using your profession or relationship status to anyone and see what you can come up with.

The most important connection you will have in your lifetime is your connection to self…no one else should come above your connection to yourself. Many times (myself included) we look for answers outside of ourselves, when I get this job it will make me feel better, when I get married I will feel complete, when I move to the next house I will be fulfilled etc. These are all ways of looking outside ourselves for the feelings that we can be creating for ourselves, by ourselves. No person , place or thing will actually give these feelings to you, you must create it yourself from within. This takes work people, hard work, ugly cry work sometimes 🙂

This involves a lot of introspection, alone time and self realization work. Meditation is the best form of connecting with self, it also quiets the mind so you can listen to the subtle sounds of your soul and where it may be guiding you. One of my favorite teachers Geri De Stephano – Webre passed along a quote to ask yourself during these introspective times : What is the will of my soul? Just ask yourself that with a quiet mind and listen for the answer, it can come as a feeling or words , however you will know when it comes.

We need to quiet our mind as most of the time our mind likes to sidetrack us, with useless chatter, or negative verbiage, or can steer us away from our heart and soul callings. The “logical mind” is usually working against you to play it safe, stay in comforting situations and to not really grow and expand as a person. It will also be playing off old programing which most likely will no longer be serving you anymore.

I’ve been putting together a small introspective program for a few months now and is coming to completion shortly to help you explore yourself in more detail and to call out those old programs and beliefs and challenge them, giving you tools to create a deeper connection with yourself. It includes a workbook, reading material and videos to help you along your way. You will look at yourself, your relationships with others, what triggers you and why, and how to start living in the present moment, which is the only moment that counts.

When you really start connecting with yourself and get to know yourself on the deepest level it will create a strong presence of energy within you that is your security, strength and love for yourself, and in turn you can share that with the world, with a full cup attracting people on a deeper level of connection & creating the life you want.

Only when you can look at all of the negative or darker sides of yourself can you understand them and turn them to light, in turn understanding yourself fully and becoming more light in the process, leading to more positive interactions and understanding with everyone.

Join my mailing list through my contact page (don’t worry I wont spam you with emails) and when my program is available I’ll send you a link to join this exciting program of change! You can also check out my You Tube channel Heather Haslam to listen to my Creating and Connection meditation in the meantime, and feel free to read up on my website on all of the training and experiences I’ve had thus far.

Any question? Always reach out! Consultations are free 🙂

As a Certified Life Fulfillment Coach I’m passionate about sharing creative ideas to help you move forward in any area of your life, and it all starts from within! Blending my Coaching with Hypnotic practices makes my process unique and can quickly break down any barriers or obstacles that may be present at this time.

















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