Choices are everything


Which way do I go?  Its amazing how one simple choice can have a powerful effect on your life and its direction. I highly encourage you to mindfully think about the choices you are making in your life right now and how they are creating your current reality. Some people “choose not to choose” and this is just as detrimental as not thinking about situations clearly and deciding if they are in your best interest.

Examples of this include:

Letting someone else make decisions for you:

Every time you do this you give away your power to have a say in your reality ….bad move….this happens often with couples not wanting to rock the boat, but in reality this is when the most growth happens and you both have equal right to state your choices and preferences and go from there. Otherwise you run the risk of losing yourself


Not voicing what you want in life:

This is often a case of lack of self worth or confidence in yourself and can also stem from past issues of being punished or ridiculed for voicing your opinions or thoughts. Sometimes you will actually feel a blocked feeling in your throat area and you may need to do some clearing exercises via the throat chakra or inner child healing techniques to help you become more confident in yourself and expressing your opinions etc. Everyone is allowed to have a voice …..


Thinking of others before your own well being:

No one else can look out for you better than you!  Please repeat that!!…I always think of a quote that I saw by Maya Angelou  ” I got my own back ” and this totally applies to everyone. Only you know what you want, dream and aspire to in life, and putting others wants and needs before yours takes you further away from what you want to create. Always ask yourself silently is this choice taking me closer or farther away from my goals and dreams you will intuitively know the answer.

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Not having proper boundaries set in your life:

This ones a big one, as a lot of people are consumed with being kind these days, but setting boundaries is imperative in showing what you do and don’t accept in your life. If someone is overstepping your boundaries it is imperative for you to tell them or show them that this is not acceptable, and you can do this with kindness and compassion. If you allow bad behaviour to continue it only teaches that person that you have given them permission to treat you badly and it will continue until you make a choice. Setting boundaries is the ultimate in self care ….so don’t be afraid to change things up if you see some relationships or environments are not working for you anymore.


You are so powerful, you probably don’t even realize the power your thoughts, choices and actions have at this time. We all have this within us if we choose to exercise it! Your healthy mindset is everything you need to push yourself forward and create the life you truly deserve. Every choice you make creates your reality, its really that simple and powerful all at the same time! Choose positivity for yourself, positive environments, meaningful relationships and gratitude and appreciation for all the current things you do love about your life now, and start fine tuning the rest!

If you need help with inner clarity, assertiveness or dealing with empowerment or self esteem issues hypnotherapy and coaching can help you see things more clearly and give you tools to use in your everyday life.  You can use mindfulness techniques using your head, heart and gut to make the best decisions for you!

And finally we may not always be able to choose what is happening to us BUT we always have a choice in how to respond 💖

Reach out for a free 30 min consultation 🙂


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