Feeling emotional lately? You are not alone…

This is a time for purging on a deep level, and if you have felt a little emotional its totally fine, you are right on track. I find a lot of people are reaching out right now as its a very energetic time with 2 eclipses (solar eclipse July 13 and lunar eclipse July 27th) and a full moon on the same day, and a few planets in retrograde to deal with which makes for a lot of emotional release and going within. So don’t feel bad to take some time for yourself, relax, meditate (very important) set some positive intentions for the new cycle happening in your life. This moon has the tones of being a Rebirth of sorts for many, possibly a new way of being, uncovering a different aspect of yourself, or pursing something you have always wanted to but have always put it aside for one reason or another.

Eating fresh whole fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water are also great additions to riding out this wave of energy. Avoid processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and don’t try to drown your emotions in alcohol or drugs, it will only backfire horribly and you will feel worse in the long run. Exercise can be helpful if you are up for it energetically, walking, yoga, or if you are motivated faster paced activities like aerobics or dancing(my favorite). Remember what you put in your body and how you take care of it is of utmost impor

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If you are feeling unusually emotional just go ahead and let it out, and know that once you fully release the feeling and emotions you will feel a lot better. Also know that this is just a dip in the road and things will even out and you in fact will feel even better and be thinking more clearer as time goes on. I find a lot of men are really feeling the effects emotionally as it is bringing an opening of the heart center in everyone and can be extremely uncomfortable if they are not used to showing emotion. The full moon seems to have a powerful effect on people and since this next one is an eclipse I think its carrying some extra weight!

There’s nothing wrong with you

You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are

You are in the process of letting go of old ways of being

You are speaking your truth and connecting to yourself authentically

You are open to new experiences, ideas and people coming into your life

You are making yourself and your vision your priority

You are living life in a more heart centered manner and following your intuition as guidance

Know that progress can only be made in the Now Moment, so embrace it and use the moon as a tool to level up.

If you are looking for a Reiki, EFT or Energy Balancing session or Hypnotherapy feel free to contact me through online booking on my website or a free 30 min consultation. So charge those crystals on the 27th, set some fabulous intentions for yourself and always believe that something magical is about to happen xoxo

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