Rejuvenation Treatments and Techniques

One of the more popular services I’ve been offering lately has been Full Body Reiki Sessions as well as my Crystal Energetic Facial Therapy which includes Reiki and Tapping. A lot of people are being drawn towards these natural ways of rejuvenating the skin and also providing an energetic balance throughout the body both at the same time! It seems that everyone is stressed for time these days and one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make good use of your downtime and allow yourself time to recharge!

Full Body Reiki focuses on channeling Universal Life Force or Chi into the body using Therapeutic Touch and Japanese Usui techniques and can help relieve blocked energetic pathways in the body while providing a state of relaxation for the client while also balancing the energy in the Etheric Field and Chakra systems. The use of crystals amplifies and enhances the frequency within the treatment providing a deeper, more transformative experience providing relaxation and restoration.

60 min/$65.00



Crystal Energetic Facial Therapy focuses on a cleanse, enzymatic peel, massage using Gua Sha, Jade Roller , Black Obsidian or other stones depending on client issues and preference and custom essential oil blends. EFT and tapping techniques are used along with a 20 min Reiki session while masking. The EFT (tapping) techniques can also released trapped emotions and provide stress relief to the facial areas and can be continued by the client by following the instructions on my service page. Stones used may vary depending on client preferences and goal of the facial. The use of energy sessions has increased over the years and people are seeing the difference, effects, and value of having these types of services on a more regular basis.

60 min $75.00



Micro Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy

I absolutely love the results I’ve been getting from my dermal needling sessions. I have been doing them on myself for 6 months and notice clearer, tighter skin and the reduction of light acne scarring on my cheeks. People are always asking what am I doing to keep my skin so nice and this is definitely a treatment that provides results when used cumulatively. In conjunction with this treatment I also use the Image Hydrating Antioxidant ACE serum in the evening with the Intense Lightening Serum for daytime to enhance the treatment even further. ( products optional )

60 min $199.00



At 46 I still am keeping to the more natural side of anti aging techniques and believe that if you take really good care of your skin throughout the years there will be less need for more drastic measures. I am a firm believer in Peels (depending on skin type) and although some people think its outdated technology I still use Microdermabrasion for some skin issues and it to has provided great results for many clients. For a lifting effect I also use the Compu Lift Microcurrent Machine which helps stimulate and build muscle tissue.

These types of treatments along with a few select high quality products can greatly improve any skin type and I’d love to do a free 30 min consultation with you to see if these treatments would work for you! Feel free to book via my online booking portal on my website for your 30 min consult either in person or via skype to discuss the right treatment plans for you!


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