Beauty Project in Pakistan

Just a very exciting update … .I’ll be leaving for Pakistan shortly to help create a Beauty School in Pakistan for Afghan women working with Deborah Rodriguez as part of Oasis Rescue and be back for appointments after Oct 10th 2022.

Oasis Rescue will be involved in setting up a beauty school in Pakistan and will welcome Afghan women who have fled their motherland.

The crisis in Afghanistan has driven hundreds of thousands of people over the border to Pakistan. The Afghan families suffer due to the volume of Afghans in Pakistan and their inability to find work. This situation is stressful mentally and emotionally. We believe the Beauty School will make a difference for the Afghan families in Pakistan and continue to do so if they can safely return to Afghanistan. This skill will benefit women and their families for years to come. They will teach their daughter(s) this skill, and they can provide services out of their home, in a salon, or the clients home. This safe female -driven business is a tool for survival.

Being educated and skilled in the beauty industry offers an opportunity for both illiterate and literate Afghan women otherwise unable to receive training. The proposed Beauty School provides an opportunity to develop a saleable skill set and participate in the country’s economy, providing much needed income for their families. The beauty industry provides an income for millions of people worldwide, and the Afghan women in Pakistan should be no exception.

For more info see:

I hope to share more of this exciting project once I’m there ….See you on October !!

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