About Heather


After working with clients for over 25 years as a Body and Skin Therapist and a teacher and Director of esthetics for over 17 years, I realized that even though I was temporarily making people feel better about themselves by helping them with their outer beauty and providing the relaxing experiences they needed at the time, there was still something missing. After having a profound spiritual experience of my own in 2014 which I believe was triggered by a soul connection, my whole world changed leading me on a hunt for answers and healing in my own life. I can see now more than ever the huge need for people to become more conscious of how they are living as most of us are running on unconscious programs.

Outer beauty is enhanced more by inner beauty than anything else, and inner beauty starts with a healthy self confidence in ones self as well as self love. When you learn how to truly love yourself you will give yourself the time and gift of consciously dealing with your issues and inner conflicts head on, and in turn it brings you closer and closer to the very best version of your true self. This involves looking and accepting both the good side and integrating the shadow side of us. Seeing the dramatic results from clients in sometimes only a few sessions is very rewarding for me and I’m happy to be helping people on a deeper level than ever before. The more you can break down, analyze and remove fears, blocks, phobias/traumas or childhood programming the stronger you get, working your way to wholeness and true authenticity which changes the frequencies you emit to start attracting what you really desire in life.

I’ve found that combining coaching with the hypnotherapy sessions is the best way for people to achieve optimum results. I enjoy learning, teaching and sharing information which has led me to blog about my experiences and share modalities that have helped me grow and change my own life.

I also offer group coaching services which are sometimes a more affordable option and will have some on my website as they become available. If there is a topic you would like me to cover please feel free to email me at truespirithealingarts@gmail.com


I am currently offering Clinical Hypnotherapy, Transformative Spiritual Coaching Reiki Healing, skin and Body therapies and Wellness oriented services. Please pre-book appointments ahead of time for best results and preferred times, and check out my packaged sessions discount on my service page.


Heather Haslam CHt

Advanced Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Reiki Master Level 3

Skin and Body Therapist

Specialized in Swedish massage, Lomi Lomi & Hot Stone techniques

Medical Esthetician specializing in natural anti aging techniques

Located in beautiful Vancouver B.C

4634 Ross St (by knight and 33rd ave )

Contact : 778-889-7546

Email: truespirithealingarts@gmail.com

Facebook: True Spirit Healing Arts.org