Do you feel blocked from moving forward in your life to reach your full potential? Is a traumatic experience, or fear of change holding you back? Or maybe you have a bad habit or reoccuring self sabataging behaviour that you would like to overcome? These types of issues can be worked out with the power of your own mind! Hypnotherapy is a natural way to help combat traumatic memories, grief, old childhood beliefs that are affecting who you are truly meant to be, anxieties, depression, inner conflicts of your mind and much more.  Reach out for your free consultation to see if we can work together as a team to help you reach your full potential in this life!

Hypnotherapy can help the following :

-weight issues

-smoking cessation

-indescisions in life

-inner clarity

– more positive outlook on life

-identify blocks and remove them

-anxieties / fears / ptsd

-treating irritable bowel syndrome

-dealing with grief / loss of loved one or pets

-overcoming traumatic events

-releasing trapped emotions

-pain management

-eczema and some skin issues

-stress reduction



-performance at work

-athletic performance

-managing child birth
-anger issues


-abandonment issues

-bed wetting

-bullying (victim and abuser)

-memory improvement

-exam anxiety

-motivation to reach goals

-confidence and self esteem issues

-fitness and health goals

-financial abundance

-stress management

-public speaking


-relationship issues

And many more areas …….just ask! Hypnosis gets to the root cause of blocks, issues or stress and releases them.

All sessions are done in a comfortable, private setting with a confidentiality agreement in place. Written consent for permission to hypnotize is required in first session.

All sessions are available through Skype for your convenience and can be done in the privacy of your own home.