Are you listening to the voice within?

  • I’m finding a lot of clients are coming to me lately with a lot of the same issues, problems and blocks to happiness, so I felt  to  do with the time  appropriate to bring a few of these commonalities into the light. This has mostly come from women however I don’t think this article is just for women, I think men do the same thing but just supress it more due to societal programs. I’d like you to ask yourself this question and sit in silence for a moment and see what answer you may get.

Are you listening to the voice within?

I mean REALLY listening to the voice that comes from inside you, or are you pushing that voice to the side for the sake of others? This voice inside you is your power source of happiness, your guide to everything you want in life and needs to be heard. I’m finding quite a few people are realizing that all of a sudden they are feeling like they are in a place they don’t want to be in life and wondering why or how this happened to them. They may have ignored that voice for so long that it’s very quiet now, or its been suppressed and non existent. Some of the root of this can be from upbringing, where you are taught to put others over yourself, some of this can be from life experience such as one “mistake” and you choose not to listen anymore and just follow the crowd, or sometimes we get caught up with a partner and hand over all control to them, hoping they will do the best for both. Every time we don’t listen to the voice inside us and go with the flow of others or life, it takes a part of you away from yourself, and in time you start to feel lost and not very connected to anything in your life. The good thing is this can be corrected although it will take some work on your part, and once you start listening to and following the voice inside you, your outer world will begin to change and things you really want will begin to align for you. Sometimes a few hypnotherapy sessions can get to the root of where and when exactly you started not listening to your voice and once that is corrected, you will notice change and positive growth.

Examples of how you can end up in this predicament include:

Always putting others needs before your own or self sacrificing behaviour- this can happen very easily when we have small children, however you as the adult also need to show your child how to love themselves and show positive behaviours for later in life by example, so it is never selfish to put yourself first and then factor your children into the equation. If you show them you are always sacrificing your wants or happiness for them, they will grow up doing the same ….. of course there is always a balance with this and some people will think this is selfish behaviour, but I don’t believe so if done with the highest good of all in mind.

Allowing other people to make decisions for you- now sometimes there is nothing wrong with having someone else choose something for you, a place for dinner, a travel destination etc. of course when more than one person is involved give and take is necessary. I’m talking more about big decisions in life like where you live, who you associate with, career choices, pursuing hobbies and extra curricular activities, these are big parts of a persons happiness and contribute to fulfillment. In those decisions you should always be talking to yourself first and if you really feel it within you then you have to go with that voice and also not be afraid to voice your opinion to others. I see this can be an issue in a parent/child dynamic, where the parent wants to see their child on a certain path, and the child can feel guilty over not pleasing the parent and will just follow whatever they are told to do as we all want to please our parents. If this is done enough times the child learns not to follow their own inner guidance and eventually things like anxiety, feeling out of control and unsureness of self start popping up. This can also happen in a partnership dynamic where one person continually hands decision making over to someone else, its great to be able to have a conversation of both persons wants and needs and go from there.

Feeling responsible for others happiness- you are never responsible for others happiness or feelings, you are only responsible for your own. No one can make someone else happy, happiness comes from within and is made only by yourself, no amount of money, attention or possessions can do this, its an inside job. We hand our power over to others when we do things for everyone else’s happiness but not our own. Again if we look at it from the perspective of the highest good of all involved it will always be coming from a good place and that’s what matters most.

People pleasing – do you feel you need to say yes to everyone in order to feel good about yourself? This is never a good choice and you need to look at the reasons why you need to please others all the time, again its usually a learnt behaviour that can be fixed with some work. When you start saying no to people, jobs or certain situations you create space for the more meaningful things in life to happen. When everything you choose to do is meaningful to you, your whole life becomes more meaningful and that’s when you really start feeling fulfilled.

When you start listening to your inner voice and make the best decisions for yourself with the highest good in mind for all it creates a dynamic that will bring to you the life you want and deserve. You are the creator of your life instead of bystanding. If you feel you may need to explore why you may be doing any of these behaviours feel free to reach out!


Spiritual Narcissist – The wolf in sheep’s clothing

Having recently come back from India I thought my first blog on my spiritual journey would be about all the great places I saw when I was visiting there. But in light of certain events that have unfolded, that one will have to come a bit later. I’m much more concerned to spread the word about a new kind of threat for people looking for connection and answers on their spiritual path. This person is what I’d like to call the spiritual narcissist.

I never even knew what the word spiritual narcissist meant until a month ago when I realized I was face to face with one for a small period of time while away exploring spirituality, ashram and meditation centers in India. I’d also like to say before I start that India itself was absolutely wonderful, most of the people I met there were very kind and wonderful and this is not about India at all 🙂 As more and more people are interested in spiritual growth and looking outside for guidance and help in what direction to take in doing so, I feel the need to talk about how this can go awry when exposed to the wrong person which happened to myself and a group of friends recently.

What is a spiritual narcissist? This type of person will claim they are here for a special purpose here on earth in this lifetime and have a direct connection to God or Source. (newsflash – we all have a special purpose here on earth and we are all connected to source, we just don’t always believe it)

This type of person will also claim that they can put you on the fast track to enlightenment, and while there may be some lightbulb moments that go off when meditating or healing a trauma, no one can speed up your growth for you. Growth is done through experiences, trial and error, making mistakes and learning from them, and emotional breakthroughs. Anyone who says they can get you closer to enlightenment “faster” is a liar.

This type of person will also claim because they may seem to have psychic abilities that this means they are an enlightened being. Everyone has this ability, some have worked on it more than others however being psychic is never about how conscious you are. As your consciousness grows and you become more self-aware, you will become more intuitive however I know many people who are psychic that are seemingly unconscious. They will also tell you what you should do with your life, how you should live it, who’s good for you and who’s not good for you, they will also try to point out bad things about other people that are simply not true and place doubt in your mind to remove you from close friends.

This type of person will only offer one path to help you…which is their path and will put down anything else you say or bring up in conversation by saying: you need to be careful with others teachings, or I know what’s best for you in your situation. (the only person who knows what’s best for YOU in every situation is YOU!) A true spiritual teacher knows that there are many paths in learning, in fact the more the better. In following one person it puts you in a box which will actually stunt your growth.

This type of person can be extremely charming and uses techniques like love bombing or shaming to make their target feel extreme love or extreme shame. Some examples of love bombing I saw and heard firsthand many times used on many different people were: we have known each other before, we have been soul mates in other lifetimes, you are so special to me, excessive attention etc. This is when the narcissist is grooming you to follow them and can also include cording techniques which can send an energy of love to the other person. You feel special as no one pays attention to you in this way and it feels good and they try to fill any void you may have. They usually prey on empaths and people in vulnerable moments or people who have big hearts as they tend to fall for this kind of behaviour easily. After watching this person say the same lines over and over again to many different people it gets old very fast, and while I am a believer in soul connections, I could plainly see this person was not being authentic at all. Using the shaming technique is equally effective as this type of person will make you feel ashamed of your beliefs and try to make you want to change them.

And finally we have gaslighting, this is when as you get to know this person and you begin to see inconsistencies, lies, them evading answering your questions etc., and you start to question or call them out on it. Once they feel you are not under their control they immediately will start to criticize you insult you or start to spread negative truth about you and create self-doubt and doubt with others if in a group setting. They will also cut off relationships with anyone at a moments notice who does not follow what they say, and will defend their behaviour while smearing the name of that person.

There are probably more examples of a spiritual narcissist out there, I have picked the ones I’ve witnessed first hand and can see how damaging it is when used on people in a very short period of time. If you are faced with a situation or scenario like any of the above examples – run don’t walk away! A true spiritual teacher is humble, patient and understanding and is emotionally stable as he/she no longer is driven by ego and understands that everyone is at their own step on their path. Lastly any true spiritual teacher will not try to coerce and shame people into spending money on anything and will not want to keep you following them around forever. The art of spiritual teaching is to set people free, follow their spirit and explore life…not keep them bound to one thing!

Id love to hear your comments if you’ve had similar experiences …






Past Life regression

Past Life Regression is an area of therapy that has been coming up alot for me in my work with helping clients deal with issues continuously coming up in their lives. Whether or not you agree that reincarnation is possible, there are definite memories that come out of sessions with clients that go directly into a past life. If you choose to not believe in past life/reincarnation then hypnotherapists usually will call the remembered events a metaphor, as it always pertains to issues and solutions in this life and is easily understood by the client, especially when it fixes their problem. Many people believe we are experiencing all lives simultaneously..and thats fine to…it still helps greatly in this life when you get to the root of the problem.

Clients will describe the time period, place, surroundings and events in detail of a past life ..many times in changed gender and most always remembering their name and purpose of last life. Many phobias and fears/traumas come from past lives as well, causing clients to be perplexed as to why they are having the problems they do in this one.

Using my own regressions as an example I recently wanted to explore why I felt claustrophobic when a man would try to get close to me. Many times I would date someone a few times and begin to feel like I needed to bolt and literally would feel like hands were closing around my neck. After asking the question in hypnosis it immediately took me to a past life where I was very vividly feeling and seeing what was happening around me. I was in an earlier time period (1700’s was what came to me) and I was from a very poor family. I could see my surroundings as well as feel everything as if it was happening for real in that moment. I saw myself alone alot of the time and shunned because of my social status, and saw myself begging on the streets for what I needed. Nearing my 20’s was when I had a horrible encounter with a man who had somehow maneuvered me into a secluded part of the street and had then attacked me and eventually killed me. I remembered it vividly as he was holding me down and strangling me with his bare hands, hence bringing trust issues and that feeling of being choked when a man would try to get close to me into this life.

In these past life sessions you can’t really reframe what has happened but you can use a technique called soul screening, to filter out the negatives from that life and leave them behind for good. I found this to be helpful in my situation and have noticed great results from clients who have had soul screening techniques used on them.

Another example is from exploring a fun past life…it wasnt extremely eventful but definately full of happiness and love and it was amazing as I had went to the moment of giving birth to a child in that lifetime and could feel my skin stretched, and the movements of giving birth along with the pains associated with it and the joy and happiness afterwards. The feelings were amazing to experience as in this lifetime I have never given birth, which made me curious as to where did these feelings come from if it’s not a past life?

These experiences alone made me a believer in past life therapies and I’ve found that so many clients are surprised and astonished when their therapy sessions end up in the past. Usually even the ones that may not believe in reincarnation are very happy with the outcome of the sessions and finally accept that it can be possible to carry things with us throughout lives.

Many people are curious to explore their past lives for fun or try to see how they know people from this life in the past whether it be your mother, spouse or child. Past lives can also be a reminder of what you’ve gone through and builds character as time goes on. Many books are now available on this subject and many many cases and  documented accounts are available of how looking into the past can heal your future.


If you are interested in finding out more on this fascinating topic feel free to email me at

Using the Wheel of Life to help with living a balanced life

After a few comments on using the image I had previously chosen of an elephant playfully balancing on a ball I decided to change the picture.I in no way meant anything harmful towards animals and am against animals in captivity.

Holistic Therapies for body,mind and spirit

When trying to determine how balanced your life is and hone in on areas that need the most work, the Wheel of Life can be a very helpful and powerful tool. As you can see the wheel is broken up into 6 equal sections. Each of these sections represent an area of your life for you to put a value on between 0 and 10. 0 being not satisfied and 10 being highly satisfied.

As you go through each section here are some questions to ponder…
1. Financial-

Where are you at currently in your finances?

Are you happy with your state of finances?

Do you feel secure financially without anyone else’s contributions? (Spouse etc)

2. Wellness-

Are you taking your own self care seriously?

Are you taking the time to eat nutritiously and meal plan for yourself and/or family?

Is physical activity happening 4 out of 7 days per…

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Using the Wheel of Life to help with living a balanced life

When trying to determine how balanced your life is and hone in on areas that need the most work, the Wheel of Life can be a very helpful and powerful tool. As you can see the wheel is broken up into 6 equal sections. Each of these sections represent an area of your life for you to put a value on between 0 and 10. 0 being not satisfied and 10 being highly satisfied.

As you go through each section here are some questions to ponder…
1. Financial-

Where are you at currently in your finances?

Are you happy with your state of finances?

Do you feel secure financially without anyone else’s contributions? (Spouse etc)

2. Wellness-

Are you taking your own self care seriously?

Are you taking the time to eat nutritiously and meal plan for yourself and/or family?

Is physical activity happening 4 out of 7 days per week?

3. Spirituality –

What does being spiritual mean to you?

Are you fulfilling your purpose in life?

Do you feel a deep sense of connection with most things and people in your life?

4. Emotional-

Do you let yourself feel emotions or do you suppress them?

Are you so attached to your emotions that they consume you?

Can you let yourself feel emotions without becoming overwhelmed and learn to accept feelings without judgement?

5. Relationships-

Do you have healthy/fullfilling and meaningfull relationships in your life?

Do you have time to nurture those relationships to become stronger?

Do you need to re evaluate some of the relationships you have in your life?

6. Professional-

Have you pursued a path that is ignited with passion for what you do on a daily basis?

Is there further education or training that you have been putting off?

Would you prefer a path of service to others or service to self?
These are just a few questions to help you evaluate each area in your life. Feel free to add your own more personalized take on each category and some sections will have different meanings for each person.

After scoring yourself it will become very clear which areas may be in need of some work, either on your own or with coaching. 

Sometimes there are many factors blocking us from moving forward in certain areas which we can then address with the addition of hypnotherapy to the coaching sessions. In this way the root of the problem is addressed and the client can then move to make the desired changes more freely with greater understanding and clarity.

After reviewing the Circle of Life with my clients and asking alot of fact finding questions we could then together as a team work on an action plan for the future.

If you try this exercise and find you may need help to improve an area of your life feel free to check out my website and contact me for a free consultation.

Remember it is never to late to try something new if the same old thing has stopped working for you. You always have a second chance..its called TOMORROW, and you have the power within yourself to make and create the life you truly want.💖

Watch “Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool” on YouTube

This video is a perfect explanation of what can happen during a hypnosis session. Alot of our emotional issues or baggage from childhood can build up in the body causing pain or other forms of blockages. When having a hypnosis session with my client I can go back to the very first time that you have ever felt a certain way and treat that scenario in the best way possible to give you your voice and your power back. In releasing the emotion associated with the event it in turn can provide relief to the body in many ways.

It can show up in the body as something as small as not having your voice to something much larger like physical pain in a certain area in the body. For example, have you ever been in a situation where you feel you have lost your voice? Or feel uncomfortable voicing your opinion? Or a fear of public speaking? These are all examples of issues related to childhood programming and can be explored with regression work. Once having you in the hypnotic trance you can then go back to the very first time this situation occured in your lifetime and we would then work out this scenario in a positive healing way. Once the healing occurs it then releases the area of the body that was afflicted in the first place causing the client to feel relief from pain or blocks, lighter and more free to be themselves. It is then replaced in the subconscious with positive self talk to propel the client forward and overcoming the obstacle.

After each session I always provide my clients with a customized positive self hypnosis recording for them to use daily to keep them on track and encourages change to happen.

I have also seen how heavy some emotions are in the body and the releasing of stress and past issues can have amazing results..including a change in the physiology of the client. Alot of times you can see the reduction of stress in thier facial muscles as well as more movement in the body..

I’m looking forward to sharing more as I go along! If you like my posts feel free to follow me and they will be delivered straight to your inbox

How childhood programming affects our adult life

I did not know or understand how much our upbringing affects our lives until this year, when I started learning hypnotherapy. It was a bit shocking at first, learning about how our parents behaviours towards us and each other are so deeply programmed into our subconscious, and as we go through life wondering why we do the things we do and why we believe so strongly in the things we do, many times not knowing exactly what it is thats driving us to be this way. You can say “well It’s just the way I am ” or ” this is just the way my family is ” and keep going in circles or you can look at those behaviours and where they come from and change them, breaking free of that conditioned patterning and move forward , evolving and changing negative experiences into positive growth.

I can say for sure as I have had numerous hypnotherapy sessions and have done many case studies so far,  that most of our issues stem from our early childhood. And before I go further this is not meant to blame any parent (my own or anyone reading this post)

One example I can share is when I was trying to identify why I have a hard time charging my worth when it comes to my services and my time etc. I would feel I need to either discount pricing or go over and above etc. So going into hypnosis and exploring this question brought me back to when I was 2 or 3 years old and standing in front of my parents feeling like nothing I had to say was of value or was not understood because “I was only a child “. When this happens the child will then try to either please the parents by following their lead and pretending  or they will simply be “invisible”.

I chose the later apparently and in doing that I did not really learn to put value on what I say, what I do and what I stand for. During my session I had various techniques used on me to help reframe this scenario to a more positive outcome for myself and after a few sessions I truly feel very different about what I have to offer the world and how my services and voice does have value and can help people. I can also say the “Invisible ” theme is a very common theme in my case studies , where people have shut off who they truly are only to “fit in ” when they felt they had to.

I’ll be sharing alot more experiences in the near future and am happy to answer any questions you may have…feel free to comment , and visit either my Facebook page true spirit healing or my website…it is still a work in progress however I feel it will be complete by the end of year…

Thank you for reading my post 😚

The Amazing Powers of your mind

After recently graduating from Coastal Academy Hypnotherapy Program I am excited to share everything I have learnt about the amazing powers of Hypnotherapy with you! Each week I will be writing on a different topic on how we can make changes in our lives by using the power of our own mind with the guidance of hypnotherapy to improve many areas in our life. I have seen amazing changes in just a few short weeks with this natural way of healing and look forward to sharing with you. Please see my website for a list of services and pricing, as well as more info on issues I can help you with and please contact me if you have any questions or would like to make an apt for this type of service.