Past Life Regression and Lives Between Lives/Spiritual Hypnosis Sessions


PAST LIFE REGRESSION -Past Life Exploration can help you in many ways, it can shift blocks that came with your soul from past experiences and enlighten situations in this lifetime in order to heal or learn lessons. Recording included- 2 HOURS $175.00

Past Life Regression-made famous by Dr. Brian Weiss and books many lives, Many Masters & Same Soul Many Bodies

Past life and Regression is an up and coming way to deal with issues that are happening in your present life at this time. I’ve done many sessions on clients who have ended up in a past life only to help relieve the issues that are happening in this life! They are usually surprised by the process but even the most skeptical person has had great results from this experience  and a cool story to tell if they so choose.

I use a unique screening process to fully remove any blocks or imprinted memories to help you release those issues for good. Exploring past lives can take you through all the good things you have been through as well as learning from the challenges.

Past Life for fun is a 2 hour session and a recording will be provided for you to listen to the whole session.


Lives Between Lives- made famous by Dr. Micheal Newton and his books Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls

Lives between lives explores the journey when your soul leaves the physical body in one life, moves into spirit and then reincarnates into the next life. These sessions are very informative if you are looking for answers like:

Who is my soul group?

Who do/have I reincarnated with on a regular basis?

Who are my karmic connections and what karmic patterns do I need to heal or lessons to learn?

The body selection process(why you choose the body you do) and the family selection process (what are you needing to learn)

Who Am I and what am I here to achieve?

Relationship issues – spouse, lover, child / parent dynamics

These sessions are recorded for you to listen to afterward. 2 hours per session.


This is a spiritual journey for those to explore their guides, angels and connections to the higher realms. Asking the questions you need guidance for at this time in your life. includes soul retrieval, attachment removals and strengthened connection to your spirit or higher self.