Group Hypnosis Events (private parties)


Pricing starts at $200.00 for group of 6 or more

Group events are great to introduce people to the art of hypnosis and give them a taste to explore what can happen when you open your mind

I’ve done a few events in 2018 and believe this is a powerful way to change perceptions in a group setting. Everything is still private, your own process is private, and unique to you…but a lot can be done together as a group:)

Some of the experiences I’ve done include Past Life Regression(fan favorite), Weight Loss with gastric band, Self Esteem and Personal Power, Children’s Personal Power and Resiliency, and new this year Dance your Troubles Away (emotional release through body movement and timeline therapy)

PAST LIFE EXPLORATION: This is 1.5 hours, with a short intro, answering any questions and setting intentions to bring back all positive experiences to help us in this lifetime. Highly relaxing and experiential, opening your mind to experience and receive the messages your subconscious wants you to know and incorporate into the now. Followed by a group discussion and question period.

WEIGHT LOSS WITH VIRTUAL GASTRIC BAND : This is a 1 hour session of experiencing the Virtual Gastric Band being installed and portion control hypnosis. This process is very powerful and will send the message to your brain when to stop eating when you are truly full. We have been taught to “finish all the food on our plate” “don’t waste food” “people are starving in other parts of the world” this is wrong and can be easy to overcome our programming with a little help. More sessions should be done for best results.

SELF ESTEEM AND PERSONAL POWER TRANSFORMATION: Secrets of Personal Transformation, this is an active hypnosis meaning there will be some movement involved!! Still very relaxing and with very powerful results. This includes a general negativity energy clearing, along with a powerful power “tunnel” to build on and work on your strengths, feeling like you can overcome everything and anything. Also used for kids sessions but incorporating super heroes etc.

DANCE YOUR TROUBLES AWAY / SOMATIC RELEASE THERAPY: fun, active and exploratory. When you have emotions come up and don’t realize the cause or why you are feeling this way, this is for you! You follow the emotion through time, backwards and forwards creating movement with each step and releasing that energy from your body, creating solutions all without saying a word!! (you do not have to be a good dancer for this):)

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