Beauty Project in Pakistan

Just a very exciting update … .I’ll be leaving for Pakistan shortly to help create a Beauty School in Pakistan for Afghan women working with Deborah Rodriguez as part of Oasis Rescue and be back for appointments after Oct 10th 2022.

Oasis Rescue will be involved in setting up a beauty school in Pakistan and will welcome Afghan women who have fled their motherland.

The crisis in Afghanistan has driven hundreds of thousands of people over the border to Pakistan. The Afghan families suffer due to the volume of Afghans in Pakistan and their inability to find work. This situation is stressful mentally and emotionally. We believe the Beauty School will make a difference for the Afghan families in Pakistan and continue to do so if they can safely return to Afghanistan. This skill will benefit women and their families for years to come. They will teach their daughter(s) this skill, and they can provide services out of their home, in a salon, or the clients home. This safe female -driven business is a tool for survival.

Being educated and skilled in the beauty industry offers an opportunity for both illiterate and literate Afghan women otherwise unable to receive training. The proposed Beauty School provides an opportunity to develop a saleable skill set and participate in the country’s economy, providing much needed income for their families. The beauty industry provides an income for millions of people worldwide, and the Afghan women in Pakistan should be no exception.

For more info see:

I hope to share more of this exciting project once I’m there ….See you on October !!

40 percent off all Hypnotherapy until Nov 3oth /2020

Due to the stresses associated with the ongoing pandemic I’m offering my services at a reduced rate for the time being. I believe that everyone can use a release at this time so please follow me on Facebook and Instagram where I’ll also be posting group sessions via Zoom for Weight Loss, Relaxation , Past Life Exploration and General clearing.

Feel free to reach out with any questions via my online booking portal for a free 30 min consultation to see how hypnotherapy can help you.

Enjoy the long Weekend !!


Rejuvenation Treatments and Techniques

One of the more popular services I’ve been offering lately has been Full Body Reiki Sessions as well as my Crystal Energetic Facial Therapy which includes Reiki and Tapping. A lot of people are being drawn towards these natural ways of rejuvenating the skin and also providing an energetic balance throughout the body both at the same time! It seems that everyone is stressed for time these days and one of the best things you can do for yourself is to make good use of your downtime and allow yourself time to recharge!

Full Body Reiki focuses on channeling Universal Life Force or Chi into the body using Therapeutic Touch and Japanese Usui techniques and can help relieve blocked energetic pathways in the body while providing a state of relaxation for the client while also balancing the energy in the Etheric Field and Chakra systems. The use of crystals amplifies and enhances the frequency within the treatment providing a deeper, more transformative experience providing relaxation and restoration.

60 min/$65.00



Crystal Energetic Facial Therapy focuses on a cleanse, enzymatic peel, massage using Gua Sha, Jade Roller , Black Obsidian or other stones depending on client issues and preference and custom essential oil blends. EFT and tapping techniques are used along with a 20 min Reiki session while masking. The EFT (tapping) techniques can also released trapped emotions and provide stress relief to the facial areas and can be continued by the client by following the instructions on my service page. Stones used may vary depending on client preferences and goal of the facial. The use of energy sessions has increased over the years and people are seeing the difference, effects, and value of having these types of services on a more regular basis.

60 min $75.00



Micro Needling or Collagen Induction Therapy

I absolutely love the results I’ve been getting from my dermal needling sessions. I have been doing them on myself for 6 months and notice clearer, tighter skin and the reduction of light acne scarring on my cheeks. People are always asking what am I doing to keep my skin so nice and this is definitely a treatment that provides results when used cumulatively. In conjunction with this treatment I also use the Image Hydrating Antioxidant ACE serum in the evening with the Intense Lightening Serum for daytime to enhance the treatment even further. ( products optional )

60 min $199.00



At 46 I still am keeping to the more natural side of anti aging techniques and believe that if you take really good care of your skin throughout the years there will be less need for more drastic measures. I am a firm believer in Peels (depending on skin type) and although some people think its outdated technology I still use Microdermabrasion for some skin issues and it to has provided great results for many clients. For a lifting effect I also use the Compu Lift Microcurrent Machine which helps stimulate and build muscle tissue.

These types of treatments along with a few select high quality products can greatly improve any skin type and I’d love to do a free 30 min consultation with you to see if these treatments would work for you! Feel free to book via my online booking portal on my website for your 30 min consult either in person or via skype to discuss the right treatment plans for you!


Feeling emotional lately? You are not alone…

This is a time for purging on a deep level, and if you have felt a little emotional its totally fine, you are right on track. I find a lot of people are reaching out right now as its a very energetic time with 2 eclipses (solar eclipse July 13 and lunar eclipse July 27th) and a full moon on the same day, and a few planets in retrograde to deal with which makes for a lot of emotional release and going within. So don’t feel bad to take some time for yourself, relax, meditate (very important) set some positive intentions for the new cycle happening in your life. This moon has the tones of being a Rebirth of sorts for many, possibly a new way of being, uncovering a different aspect of yourself, or pursing something you have always wanted to but have always put it aside for one reason or another.

Eating fresh whole fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water are also great additions to riding out this wave of energy. Avoid processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and don’t try to drown your emotions in alcohol or drugs, it will only backfire horribly and you will feel worse in the long run. Exercise can be helpful if you are up for it energetically, walking, yoga, or if you are motivated faster paced activities like aerobics or dancing(my favorite). Remember what you put in your body and how you take care of it is of utmost impor

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If you are feeling unusually emotional just go ahead and let it out, and know that once you fully release the feeling and emotions you will feel a lot better. Also know that this is just a dip in the road and things will even out and you in fact will feel even better and be thinking more clearer as time goes on. I find a lot of men are really feeling the effects emotionally as it is bringing an opening of the heart center in everyone and can be extremely uncomfortable if they are not used to showing emotion. The full moon seems to have a powerful effect on people and since this next one is an eclipse I think its carrying some extra weight!

There’s nothing wrong with you

You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are

You are in the process of letting go of old ways of being

You are speaking your truth and connecting to yourself authentically

You are open to new experiences, ideas and people coming into your life

You are making yourself and your vision your priority

You are living life in a more heart centered manner and following your intuition as guidance

Know that progress can only be made in the Now Moment, so embrace it and use the moon as a tool to level up.

If you are looking for a Reiki, EFT or Energy Balancing session or Hypnotherapy feel free to contact me through online booking on my website or a free 30 min consultation. So charge those crystals on the 27th, set some fabulous intentions for yourself and always believe that something magical is about to happen xoxo

Choices are everything


Which way do I go?  Its amazing how one simple choice can have a powerful effect on your life and its direction. I highly encourage you to mindfully think about the choices you are making in your life right now and how they are creating your current reality. Some people “choose not to choose” and this is just as detrimental as not thinking about situations clearly and deciding if they are in your best interest.

Examples of this include:

Letting someone else make decisions for you:

Every time you do this you give away your power to have a say in your reality ….bad move….this happens often with couples not wanting to rock the boat, but in reality this is when the most growth happens and you both have equal right to state your choices and preferences and go from there. Otherwise you run the risk of losing yourself


Not voicing what you want in life:

This is often a case of lack of self worth or confidence in yourself and can also stem from past issues of being punished or ridiculed for voicing your opinions or thoughts. Sometimes you will actually feel a blocked feeling in your throat area and you may need to do some clearing exercises via the throat chakra or inner child healing techniques to help you become more confident in yourself and expressing your opinions etc. Everyone is allowed to have a voice …..


Thinking of others before your own well being:

No one else can look out for you better than you!  Please repeat that!!…I always think of a quote that I saw by Maya Angelou  ” I got my own back ” and this totally applies to everyone. Only you know what you want, dream and aspire to in life, and putting others wants and needs before yours takes you further away from what you want to create. Always ask yourself silently is this choice taking me closer or farther away from my goals and dreams you will intuitively know the answer.

screenshot_20180525-125249_samsung internet5017096647293633356..jpg


Not having proper boundaries set in your life:

This ones a big one, as a lot of people are consumed with being kind these days, but setting boundaries is imperative in showing what you do and don’t accept in your life. If someone is overstepping your boundaries it is imperative for you to tell them or show them that this is not acceptable, and you can do this with kindness and compassion. If you allow bad behaviour to continue it only teaches that person that you have given them permission to treat you badly and it will continue until you make a choice. Setting boundaries is the ultimate in self care ….so don’t be afraid to change things up if you see some relationships or environments are not working for you anymore.


You are so powerful, you probably don’t even realize the power your thoughts, choices and actions have at this time. We all have this within us if we choose to exercise it! Your healthy mindset is everything you need to push yourself forward and create the life you truly deserve. Every choice you make creates your reality, its really that simple and powerful all at the same time! Choose positivity for yourself, positive environments, meaningful relationships and gratitude and appreciation for all the current things you do love about your life now, and start fine tuning the rest!

If you need help with inner clarity, assertiveness or dealing with empowerment or self esteem issues hypnotherapy and coaching can help you see things more clearly and give you tools to use in your everyday life.  You can use mindfulness techniques using your head, heart and gut to make the best decisions for you!

And finally we may not always be able to choose what is happening to us BUT we always have a choice in how to respond 💖

Reach out for a free 30 min consultation 🙂


How your connection with yourself leads to greater connections with others


I hear from many people wanting more fulfilling connections and experiences in their lives and the reality is sometimes we can be surrounded by people but still feel alone. This can stem from not being in connection with our true self/spirit or soul. When we are not connected to self our outside connections will not be truthful, or solid in nature. How could we connect to others properly if we are not connected to and know ourselves in great detail? I’d like you to ask yourself Who am I ? and answer without using your profession or relationship status to anyone and see what you can come up with.

The most important connection you will have in your lifetime is your connection to self…no one else should come above your connection to yourself. Many times (myself included) we look for answers outside of ourselves, when I get this job it will make me feel better, when I get married I will feel complete, when I move to the next house I will be fulfilled etc. These are all ways of looking outside ourselves for the feelings that we can be creating for ourselves, by ourselves. No person , place or thing will actually give these feelings to you, you must create it yourself from within. This takes work people, hard work, ugly cry work sometimes 🙂

This involves a lot of introspection, alone time and self realization work. Meditation is the best form of connecting with self, it also quiets the mind so you can listen to the subtle sounds of your soul and where it may be guiding you. One of my favorite teachers Geri De Stephano – Webre passed along a quote to ask yourself during these introspective times : What is the will of my soul? Just ask yourself that with a quiet mind and listen for the answer, it can come as a feeling or words , however you will know when it comes.

We need to quiet our mind as most of the time our mind likes to sidetrack us, with useless chatter, or negative verbiage, or can steer us away from our heart and soul callings. The “logical mind” is usually working against you to play it safe, stay in comforting situations and to not really grow and expand as a person. It will also be playing off old programing which most likely will no longer be serving you anymore.

I’ve been putting together a small introspective program for a few months now and is coming to completion shortly to help you explore yourself in more detail and to call out those old programs and beliefs and challenge them, giving you tools to create a deeper connection with yourself. It includes a workbook, reading material and videos to help you along your way. You will look at yourself, your relationships with others, what triggers you and why, and how to start living in the present moment, which is the only moment that counts.

When you really start connecting with yourself and get to know yourself on the deepest level it will create a strong presence of energy within you that is your security, strength and love for yourself, and in turn you can share that with the world, with a full cup attracting people on a deeper level of connection & creating the life you want.

Only when you can look at all of the negative or darker sides of yourself can you understand them and turn them to light, in turn understanding yourself fully and becoming more light in the process, leading to more positive interactions and understanding with everyone.

Join my mailing list through my contact page (don’t worry I wont spam you with emails) and when my program is available I’ll send you a link to join this exciting program of change! You can also check out my You Tube channel Heather Haslam to listen to my Creating and Connection meditation in the meantime, and feel free to read up on my website on all of the training and experiences I’ve had thus far.

Any question? Always reach out! Consultations are free 🙂

As a Certified Life Fulfillment Coach I’m passionate about sharing creative ideas to help you move forward in any area of your life, and it all starts from within! Blending my Coaching with Hypnotic practices makes my process unique and can quickly break down any barriers or obstacles that may be present at this time.

















Learn how hypnotherapy can help you increase motivation towards healthy eating, fitness and weight loss goals!

Take control now!

I have had great success lately helping people stay on track of their exercise and weight loss goals with the use of hypnotherapy. Whether you are looking to lose a little weight or alot, or needing help in making healthy food choices or reaching exercise goals I have many tools to help you get there.

From my own personal perspective as someone who is currently using these tools to help myself lose 20 pounds, I have found that I am drinking alot more water, motivated and excited to go to my fitness class and have been feeling full and satisfied most of the time. I am 5 pounds down within 2 weeks and 15 more to go!

My weight loss sessions include the Virtual Gastric Band hypnotherapy techniques …which make you think and feel like you have a small stomach. In this situation you will feel full most of the time, and most of all it gets you used to listening to your body and hearing when it’s truly hungry and when you are truly full.

We tend to eat portions that are larger than we actually need and then feel “bad” for leaving food behind. How many times were you told as a child to stay at the table until you finish every bite on your plate? Or there are starving children in the world and you should not waste the food in front of you? Or were taken to a fast food restaurant as a reward or treat. These are all programmed into us at a young age and tend to replay throughout our life unconsciously.

The program I use includes healthy food choices, exercise motivation for 30 min daily and a daily recording to keep you motivated. It also looks at The root cause of where some of these habits started that are holding you back from reaching your goals .

Consultations are free 😁…please view my website for more information on this and many other ways hypnotherapy can help you!

Contact/Like/share this add via Facebook or Instagram by April 10th and be entered to win one of 2 – 6 session packages valued at 675$ each!!

Watch “Spiritual Bypassing – Teal Swan” on YouTube

I’ve been noticing some people (including myself) have fallen into the trap of spiritual bypassing, which is in essence using spirituality as an excuse to avoid looking at your life in a truthful manner. I love this video by teal swan explaining the ins and outs of this phenomenon. Please check it out when you have time and see if you have fallen into this trap yourself.

This presents itself as people being positive and happy all the time, even when there are major issues happening in their lives, and they just put on a fake smile, and pretend to be positive, when in fact there are issues that are needing to be looked at and dealt with and they don’t want to be negative. This is avoidance, plain and simple and the problem will persist until you take the time to look at your life and fix the issues.

Another problem with this is the lack of boundaries present when you think you are accepting everything with unconditional love. It doesn’t mean accepting everything from everyone, or bad behaviour from people. Practicing self love for yourself and loving yourself enough to place proper boundaries around your space and showing the world what is acceptable for you is a way to keep yourself from giving away to much, which will prevent you from feeling depleted and empty for overgiving.

A few great books on looking at the darker side of things or your (shadow) to help clear away some things that may be holding you back are:

Dreaming through Darkness by Charlie Morley, who offers a few good daily practices to follow and explore and Dark side of the Light chasers by Debbie Ford.

Let me know your thoughts on the video 😁

Is the Key to Life Fulfillment in Inner Child Healing and Soul Retrieval?

shutterstock_6094979751127681090.jpgWith 2017 almost over I thought I would share something helpful to think about integrating for the new year coming. Most of the clients I’ve been seeing are coming  to me with the same or similar issues. They are generally unhappy and it seems that they try everything to BE happy, but it’s not quite there. They have the nice cars, the house, the family, money etc. but something is still missing.  Through most of the work done in hypnosis regardless of the reason why they come to see me, the answers seem to go back to the formative years where problems originated or a sense of self has been lost. I’ve found going back and really exploring those years and trying to remember who you really are at a soul level can change things drastically in your life today.

For example when growing up parents tend to “program” their children to who they think  they should be or act with certain beliefs, and this can cause a disconnect as the child knows what they want and how they want to be at a soul level when being born, but are usually pressured to change in some way, either by parents or outside situations that are detrimental to the child’s development or soul. The more times this happens the further away you get from your true self, and then you can easily feel lost in life as you have separated from your true spirit. It ends up putting you in a very small box in which to live out of, and can cause a stunt in spiritual growth and passion for living.

The key is to stop looking outside of yourself for answers as the next new car or new relationship or high earning job will not fill that empty void for you, only filling the void within yourself will get you there. Changing your inner world to be aligned with your heart and soul can bring dramatic changes in a very short period of time. Some of the ways you can do this are through hypnosis and exploring the early years, as well as doing soul retrieval exercises. I’ve found people really get  profound results from connecting with their inner child and it’s something that can be worked on daily without anyone’s help as well. Some of the things I can recommend:

  1. Meditate on your own for a few min each day and set the intention to connect with your inner child, hug them and tell them you love them unconditionally and will always be there for them and let them shine out through you in your daily living. Try and visualize things you liked to do or enjoyed as a child with excitement and creativity. I find bringing out creative aspects from youth are a great way to reconnect with your inner child and if you can’t come up with anything try coloring! It’s no wonder adult coloring books are so popular these days…
  2. Incorporate some of the above into your daily living and viewing the world, life does not always have to be so serious every minute, giving some time to your inner child will bring joy into your life, it’s just like spending time with small children, everyone enjoys being around small children because it reminds them of the child inside themselves!
  3. Make a journal or small flip book to keep by your bedside. Put together pictures from childhood, or write of memories you have of your early years. If your parents are still around you can ask them what you were really like if you have a hard time remembering, and if not meditation or exploring through hypnosis works great as well. Look at this book every night or often to try to connect even more to that little person.
  4. A book I read a few years ago that really helped myself undrstand all of this and I highly recommend is Reconcilliation – healing the inner child by Thich Nhat Hanh

Another part of losing ourselves is also known as Soul Loss, which is similar if not the same as inner child work but can happen through traumatic events or stressful times in a person’s life and can happen throughout adult years. This is when an event or experience happens like abuse, sudden shock, grief or pain and fear making you feel helpless, being told as a child not to express emotion, entering a relationship without boundaries or a strong sense of self (resulting in losing your personal power). Soul Loss happens initially to protect you like loss of memory, or dissociation from an event, but it will leave you feeling less than whole and can cause anxiety, depression, and an emptiness inside. Revisiting and healing these parts of yourself and integrating these lost or split off parts of yourself will make you feel more grounded, provide a sense of wholeness or  of feeling complete, (Jerry Maguire (the movie) did no one any favors by making people believe other people complete them – only YOU complete YOURSELF) and can bring about a  sense of purpose and passion in life. Soul Retrival can be done through shamanic work as well as hypnothrapy & Soul Retrival sessions.

In closing the more you look inside yourself for answers and healing, the more you will fill in those empty holes or voids you’ve been trying to fill with outside things. When this happens and you feel more complete from a  soul perspective, and this can automatically change the types of people, jobs, and situations that are presented to you as you are no longer operating from a sense of lack, and know yourself on a deeper level – you will be full and complete and will attract the same into your life.

If you have any questions or need help in this area feel free to reach out!

Happy New Year 2017 and I wish you all life fulfillment and happiness for 2018!!

Heather xoxo

Are you listening to the voice within?

  • I’m finding a lot of clients are coming to me lately with a lot of the same issues, problems and blocks to happiness, so I felt  to  do with the time  appropriate to bring a few of these commonalities into the light. This has mostly come from women however I don’t think this article is just for women, I think men do the same thing but just supress it more due to societal programs. I’d like you to ask yourself this question and sit in silence for a moment and see what answer you may get.

Are you listening to the voice within?

I mean REALLY listening to the voice that comes from inside you, or are you pushing that voice to the side for the sake of others? This voice inside you is your power source of happiness, your guide to everything you want in life and needs to be heard. I’m finding quite a few people are realizing that all of a sudden they are feeling like they are in a place they don’t want to be in life and wondering why or how this happened to them. They may have ignored that voice for so long that it’s very quiet now, or its been suppressed and non existent. Some of the root of this can be from upbringing, where you are taught to put others over yourself, some of this can be from life experience such as one “mistake” and you choose not to listen anymore and just follow the crowd, or sometimes we get caught up with a partner and hand over all control to them, hoping they will do the best for both. Every time we don’t listen to the voice inside us and go with the flow of others or life, it takes a part of you away from yourself, and in time you start to feel lost and not very connected to anything in your life. The good thing is this can be corrected although it will take some work on your part, and once you start listening to and following the voice inside you, your outer world will begin to change and things you really want will begin to align for you. Sometimes a few hypnotherapy sessions can get to the root of where and when exactly you started not listening to your voice and once that is corrected, you will notice change and positive growth.

Examples of how you can end up in this predicament include:

Always putting others needs before your own or self sacrificing behaviour- this can happen very easily when we have small children, however you as the adult also need to show your child how to love themselves and show positive behaviours for later in life by example, so it is never selfish to put yourself first and then factor your children into the equation. If you show them you are always sacrificing your wants or happiness for them, they will grow up doing the same ….. of course there is always a balance with this and some people will think this is selfish behaviour, but I don’t believe so if done with the highest good of all in mind.

Allowing other people to make decisions for you- now sometimes there is nothing wrong with having someone else choose something for you, a place for dinner, a travel destination etc. of course when more than one person is involved give and take is necessary. I’m talking more about big decisions in life like where you live, who you associate with, career choices, pursuing hobbies and extra curricular activities, these are big parts of a persons happiness and contribute to fulfillment. In those decisions you should always be talking to yourself first and if you really feel it within you then you have to go with that voice and also not be afraid to voice your opinion to others. I see this can be an issue in a parent/child dynamic, where the parent wants to see their child on a certain path, and the child can feel guilty over not pleasing the parent and will just follow whatever they are told to do as we all want to please our parents. If this is done enough times the child learns not to follow their own inner guidance and eventually things like anxiety, feeling out of control and unsureness of self start popping up. This can also happen in a partnership dynamic where one person continually hands decision making over to someone else, its great to be able to have a conversation of both persons wants and needs and go from there.

Feeling responsible for others happiness- you are never responsible for others happiness or feelings, you are only responsible for your own. No one can make someone else happy, happiness comes from within and is made only by yourself, no amount of money, attention or possessions can do this, its an inside job. We hand our power over to others when we do things for everyone else’s happiness but not our own. Again if we look at it from the perspective of the highest good of all involved it will always be coming from a good place and that’s what matters most.

People pleasing – do you feel you need to say yes to everyone in order to feel good about yourself? This is never a good choice and you need to look at the reasons why you need to please others all the time, again its usually a learnt behaviour that can be fixed with some work. When you start saying no to people, jobs or certain situations you create space for the more meaningful things in life to happen. When everything you choose to do is meaningful to you, your whole life becomes more meaningful and that’s when you really start feeling fulfilled.

When you start listening to your inner voice and make the best decisions for yourself with the highest good in mind for all it creates a dynamic that will bring to you the life you want and deserve. You are the creator of your life instead of bystanding. If you feel you may need to explore why you may be doing any of these behaviours feel free to reach out!