Testimonials continued

Paneet Mahal – Social Worker,  Vancouver, B.C


Kathleen Glynn- Special Education Assistant, Vancouver B.C


Teresa Meyer- Discover your Perfect Skin, Kelowna B.C


Kathy Morris- Retired, Burnaby B.C


Jevhy Vy – The Healing Icon, Vancouver B.C (past life regression session)


Stephanie Danielle- Esthetician & Dermalogica Expert, Vancouver B.C


Danielle Winters- Ministry of National Defense/ Le-Vel Promoter , Quebec City


Ka Wai Chan- Holistic Nutritionist, Vancouver B.C


Sabrina St Pierre – Medium/Healer, Owner of Sabrina’s Healing, Vancouver B.C


Caitlin Ramage – Skin Care Expert/Instructor,  Vancouver B.C


Alison Nicole Magill – Actress, Vancouver, Canada


Becky Kehoe -Pranic Psychologist/Energy Worker Charlie Lake , B.C


Claudine St-Aubin – Esthetician- Calgary Canada


Marian Lundgren- Retired, Burnaby B.C