Certified Life Fulfillment and Mindfulness Coaching



Sessions available through Skype/Facebook Messenger or via phone

35 MIN $55.00/ 60 MIN $120.00   (Buy 3 sessions 10% off)

Download the coaching assessment form below and either scan and send to heather@truespirithealingarts.org or bring to our first FREE 1/2 HOUR session.

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What is Life Fulfillment / Mindfulness Coaching?

This avenue of coaching is to help you reconnect with yourself, and to help you build a life that is full of meaning, purpose, passion and satisfying on many levels. In a way it’s a form of reinventing yourself, or in some cases becoming your true authentic self which may have gotten sidetracked over the years and help you regain control over every aspect of your life. This style of coaching is tailored to your individual needs with the prime focus of you living a more fulfilling life, finding your own happiness and drawing on your own creativity. Topics include assertiveness coaching, practicing REAL self love, building your foundational self esteem, recognizing bad behaviours and obstacles to improvement and practicing new empowering ways to behave. Adding the power of mindfulness to your life is imperative in self awareness and will move you farther in life than you ever have expected!

Combining my Coaching services with Hypnotherapy opens up many more possibilities and is unique to my process of helping others find their own fulfillment.


Master Spiritual Coaching

  • follow the calling of your soul
  • develop a deeper understanding of our spiritual connection
  • enhanced exercises to remove spiritual blocks, release outdated beliefs and restore spiritual health
  • explore the powers of visualization and affirmations
  • operate under the spiritual laws of attraction

Session recommended 2 x’s per month or can be tailored to your liking

Extra Course’s Include:

Master Mindfulness Practitioner – Kain Ramsey – 2018

The Art and Science of Well-Being – Yale University Online Studies -2018

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