Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

3-4 month program (approx)

What is the Virtual Gastric Band Program?

This is a 6 session program of Hypnotherapy that is designed to change how you think about food and to help enable you to adopt a new set of eating habits by making some small realistic changes, that you can realistically live with.

It’s not a diet, clients eat what they want (mindfully), but are trained to be satisfied on smaller amounts. Portion control is addressed from the very first session, by utilizing the concept of a virtual gastric band, the aim is not to make a client “think” that they have a gastric band, moreover it is a tool to get the client to respond to the instinctual signals and stop eating when they feel comfortable.

Clients report varied experiences, with many reporting no conscious connection with the band element of the program, but are eating less, and eating only a third of what they were eating before. This program also has numerous elements to address emotional aspects of eating, craving control, food choices, removal of childhood programming,  motivation and exercise & using metaphors for change and goal setting. This method gives very safe and very predictable results.


6 Guidelines for success

  1. Listen to the audio provided daily
  2. Eat slowly, and consciously savouring each bite (enjoy the food you are eating)
  3. Stop eating when you start to feel full        ( you will be more aware of this feeling as time goes on)
  4. Eat only 3 small healthy meals per day (only when hungry) can be modified if needed
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Exercise and movement 30 min per day – choose something fun and enjoyable – as you are doing these things you will want to move more!

8 SESSIONS – $875.00 ( 4 – 45 min sessions and 4 longer 1  hour sessions )

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