Using the Wheel of Life to help with living a balanced life

After a few comments on using the image I had previously chosen of an elephant playfully balancing on a ball I decided to change the picture.I in no way meant anything harmful towards animals and am against animals in captivity.

Holistic Therapies for body,mind and spirit

When trying to determine how balanced your life is and hone in on areas that need the most work, the Wheel of Life can be a very helpful and powerful tool. As you can see the wheel is broken up into 6 equal sections. Each of these sections represent an area of your life for you to put a value on between 0 and 10. 0 being not satisfied and 10 being highly satisfied.

As you go through each section here are some questions to ponder…
1. Financial-

Where are you at currently in your finances?

Are you happy with your state of finances?

Do you feel secure financially without anyone else’s contributions? (Spouse etc)

2. Wellness-

Are you taking your own self care seriously?

Are you taking the time to eat nutritiously and meal plan for yourself and/or family?

Is physical activity happening 4 out of 7 days per…

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